21 étapes de la Méditation

21 stages of meditation

Yogi Bhajan divided the meditative path towards realisation into 21 stages.  They are composed of three journeys.  Each journey has seven stages, each of which focus on a particular dimension of the Self.


First Journey: The Crystalised Self – to experience and crystalise the Self.

Upset; Boredom; Irritation; Frustration; Focus; Absorption; Experience & Crystalise the Self.


Second Journey: The Experience of Self – to distill and express the Self.

Rasa; Delight; Politeness; Humility; Elevation; Graceful Enlightenment; Express and Be Yourself.


Third Journey: The Transcendent Self – to sublimate and transcend the Self.

Presence like a Beacon; Radiance Everywhere; Prayerful Stillness; Preacher; Teacher; Sage; Infinite Pulse.


For each stage there is a meditation or series of meditations to practise.

Their practise impacts our experience of life and of our Self and we gradually develop the resources to sustain ourself from within; to become who we really are.

Each journey represents a developmental process, which matures the full range, potential and relationship to the Self.  Each journey cultivates disciplines and practises appropriate to each stage on the path.  If we think of the journey as a mountain climber, each step elevates us.  Gradually we see things we would never have seen at a lower altitude.  The plants and trees change as does the quality of the air.  The exercise and discipline of the climb leaves us feeling more alive; we have a sense of accomplishment and have deeper experiences of the Self.

Ik Saran Dhian offers the 21 Stages of Meditation Course over three years, with four days in each year.  This allows time for us to explore deeply each stage of the journey whilst experiencing the specific meditation(s).  Furthermore, there is time to practise and integrate the meditations throughout the year, before the next training session.

The training takes place at La Source, near Fontainebleau, not far from Paris,  in France.  It is taught in French and English.


You can join at any point, you do not need to wait until the first journey.

The training is open to all.  Previous experience of Kundalini Yoga meditations is recommended but not essential.

The next date is: 29 November to 3 December 2018.  See the calender on this website for more information.