Our life is made up of self repeating patterns (Karma).  We feel like prisoners caught in actions, thoughts and communications that move in circles.  We are looking for a model, a reference to reshape our life.

Very often this quest ends up in a deception.  Our environment, rather than helping us to change for the better, tends to reinforce our patterns, or replace them by others, equally un-useful.

It’s difficult to consult with oneself.  It’s difficult to advise somebody without giving formulas and superficial solutions.

Only the human dimension in a relationship can touch and maybe heal, the wounds of a human life and awaken the elusive but essential quality of spirit or soul.

A consultant is a human being in service of your humanity, with knowledge, experience and the numbers as a reference that guides the conversation.

He will confront your mental games and explore how to change your relationship to yourself and the world around you.

His aim is to awaken your highest potential and the sense of your mission in life.

Life is a game and it is up to you to decide what game you are playing.  Stop the old games and learn to play the one that will make your spirit sparkle and shine, that will put your soul into focus and ultimately allow you to leave the game.

In a consultation you :

– learn how to use tools to self-diagnose

– train to liberate yourself rather than depending on somebody else

– explore how to have successful relationships

– become realistic in terms of what to expect of yourself

– learn to be the totality of who you are rather then having several public faces

– enjoy being yourself