Numérologie Sacrée

Sacred Numerology – Number Awareness

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12/10/2000 - 08/12/2020

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15/12/2020 - 18/12/2020
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There is no existence without numbers.

One tree cannot exist without the number One.

Two cats cannot exist without the number Two.

Three sisters cannot exist…

Numbers are a pre-requisite for existence.

This makes them the :
backbone of life
the subtle ground of all
the essential essence

Numbers are :
the last language before entering the void.
the points of primary intelligence.
a common language beyond difference of religion, culture and so on.

In poetic language we say :
numbers are the footprints of the divine in creation.

Practically we say :
numbers are the most universal system for decoding whatever you hear, feel and see.


Through Number Awareness you have the opportunity to anchor to something beyond the superficial.  Having such an anchor helps to free you from getting too deeply involved in the world.

By grasping the number sense of things you are less identified with the form.

Number awareness can change your perspective on life.

It is like taking a continuous x-ray of the world around you.

Numbers give you a parallel reference and commentary on all things and number awareness will challenge your virtual and relative reality.  It will shake the foundations of your constructs and test their truth.

Numbers are precise and have innate integrity.  By allowing their intelligence to guide us, we can experience a profound re-alignment.