Charitable work

Ik Saran Dhian is committed to giving back to the community.

For some years we have been building a relationship with Sister Lucy and her NGO Maher ( in Pune/ India, founded to serve destitute women.  It supports approximately 800 children, many women and some men.  It is a multi-faith organisation that is not afraid to touch the most impoverished populations.

At Maher, children from the slums, prostitutes, homeless and mentally challenged men and women, find a roof over their head, an education, work and a place in a community where they serve each other.

We have visited Maher on several occasions and have been inspired and impressed by the love, compassion and endurance that we have witnessed many times.

The only power of a human being over the other human being is how much one can serve the other.

Yogi Bhajan