Ishwara Kaur et Kirpal Singh

Directors of the school

'Ishwara Kaur and Kirpal Singh are very experienced, sensitive and intuitive teachers. I find it very difficult to find the words to describe just how great they are.' - Arvind Kaur

Kirpal Singh

Martial arts and theatre, clowning and spirituality were part of Kirpal Singh’s upbringing. From 1985 onwards, he focused on the Kundalini Yoga practice, which guided him through his life in the film industry and to the feet of the Master, Yogi Bhajan.

Kirpal Singh has trained in western and traditional Indian music and keertan (devotional singing) as practised by the Sikhs in North India and continues to explore teaching through music.

In 1992 Kirpal Singh met Shiv Charan Singh, his teacher, with whom he studied Sacred Numerology – Karam Kriya – and the subtle aspects of Kundalini Yoga.  In the Karam Kriya School, he became Teacher and Trainer of Kundalini Yoga and a Trainer and Consultant of Sacred Numerology.

In 2012 he and Ishwara Kaur Co-founded, Ik Saran Dhian – School for Sacred Teachings.

Ishwara Kaur

After working in the corporate sector in the City of London for some years, Ishwara Kaur left that world behind her and she devoted herself fully to the spiritual life.

Ishwara Kaur has been a Teacher and Trainer of Kundalini Yoga for many years and she is a  Mentor for new trainees.  She is passionate about the spiritual Teachings relating to women.  In particular,  what it means to live as a woman in the Aquarian Age, to live in a conscious Relationship and to be a female Spiritual Teacher.

She studied classical guitar as a child and loves to explore different styles to accompany the singing of mantras.

She has experienced deep transformation over the years which has given her an indepth understanding of the challenges and joys of the spiritual path.  She feels blessed and is grateful that she has the opportunity to share her experience and wisdom with others.

In 2009 Ishwara Kaur left the UK and moved to live with Kirpal Singh in France.  In 2012 they Co-founded the School of Sacred Teachings, Ik Saran Dhian.